CAD. EX. 2020

Surreal measures for surreal times | Nevin Aladağ, Christian Henkel, Anton Henning, Anne Neukamp, Susan Philipsz

The exhibition “Cad. Ex. 2020” takes its title from the Cadavre Exquis, a playful method developed in the circle of surrealists around André Breton, which gives chance as an essential creative moment room to give free rein to the metaphorical capacity of the mind.

This game is about having several people construct a sentence or a drawing on a folded piece of paper without the players knowing each other’s work. The five exhibition rooms of Kunsthalle Oktogon become, in a figurative sense, a Cadavre Exquis, in which the five participants design their own space. The unifying element of the internationally renowned artists is their current or upcoming teaching activity at the Dresden University of the Fine Arts.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun // 11 – 18 o’clock