Prevention of an Apocalypse

25 & 26.04.

Beginning for both: 07:00 p.m.

Prevention of an Apocalypse is a media-active playing field! For young and old! Visitors become teammates. The result, the gain is uncertain! This is tangible art -social Skulpur / theater / adventure Parkour ///// + Therefore, we will welcome you in the hall of the possibilities. / We ask you for a moment! Your work order will be available soon. Forget all habits +++ / And wisdom. Knowledge of the present reality will be canceled. ////// + The theme follows: The input of impressions and information is constantly increasing more and more, everyone must continue to process more data and costumize his worldview to it! / The jungle gets more dense … Attention is surrounded by technology and media and / Individual succumbs to the overuse … what to do … if … what ?! //// + / This game deals with the possibilities of our generation, which although advertised promisingly, but not exactly correspond to our reality.