Von: 10.12.2022


photo by JKPeV

The Christmas Art Market in the Full Moon Gallery will be opened on 10 December. From 10 December to 5 January, numerous exclusive works by local artists will be exhibited in the outside windows of the KulturCentrale as part of the Christmas Art Market and will also be on sale for a small fee. So…

Hechtstraße 17 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 18.02.2023

WERKRaum Exhibition + Vernissage // Franz Burkhardt & Ti...

The exhibition shows a selection of photographs taken in recent years on forays through large cities. The motif becomes the aesthetics of urban living space. The selected motifs were captured with an analog point-and-shoot compact camera and immortalized on 35mm film - without direct influence on the individual aperture and exposure time. The analog photo…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 02.04.2022


Sonya Schönberger; Mein Garten; FLORA I; Kunsthaus Dresden;…

Sonya Schönberger with Norbert Lang and Lea Maria Wittich My Garden is a sound and text collage based on interviews conducted at Flora I by artist Sonya Schönberger. The conversations with allotment gardeners dealt with expert opinions and views on the subject of gardens as well as with memories and future prospects of people of very…

im Barockviertel/Neustadt Rähnitzgasse 8 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 05.11.2022

WERKRaum Exhibition + Vernissage // ,,Brot und Spiele“

Thomas Judisch Michael Merkel Heinz Schmöller et al. No World Cup in the tournament’s nearly century-long history has been as controversial as this year’s finals in Qatar. The deaths of thousands of workers and numerous other human rights violations cast a shadow over the sport and its players. As once in the Roman Empire, the…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden