24th International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts

We are still experiencing turbulent times. All the more the 24th edition of our Dresden Summer Academy wants to provide you with a constantly profound programme of courses that are led by renowned national and international artists.
Karin Pliem invites you to trace nature as a stimulus for a holistic approach to painting. If you prefer more straightness, I recommend the workshop with Paul Pretzer. Here, you gain pictorial knowledge by small considered variations in the subject and the realization thereof. Together with Johan Schäfer you will discover sites and places in the city. Fill your sketchbook with lots of urban pleinair drawings and go even further: Create your own visions for a futuristic city! Viktoria Graf helps you to develop an individual style in drawing lines. In addition, she takes you by the hand on a dreamy walk through the world of colours which will subtly swirl around the drawn subjects. This year’s photography workshops could hardly be more different: Yvonne Most wants to introduce to you an elaborated concept of portrait photography. Learn how the considerate involvement of a person’s biography makes an authentic approach possible. In contrast Eva-Maria Raab makes you familiar with the traditional photographic printing process of cyanotype. Create prints of nature depictions that have contemporary artistic relevance beyond just displaying beautiful shades of blue. In Šimon Brejcha’s printing workshop there are virtually no limitations to your eagerness to experiment. By combining several printing techniques you will get to unimagined results. This year we have to catch up on last year’s installation and video workshops: With Frenzy Höhne you learn basics and specials about novel arranging and artistic reinterpretation of objects. Carolin Koss guides you step by step through a successful video production whose results may definitely focus on triggering the viewer’s emotions. Wood sculptor Reinhard Voss will acquaint you with relief forms and their inherent interplay between delicate three-dimensionality and expressive surface design. Uli Gsell wants you to get in a dialogue with the stone. Therefore, its perception with all the senses marks the beginning of bringing this supposedly dead material to life as a vivid piece of art. As always, our inspiring supporting programme with various events completes your Dresden art summer. I am looking forward to see you again and to welcome new participants at our Summer Academy. www.sommerakademie-dresden.de