Von: 11.05.2019

Neighbourhoods 2025

A Manufacture of Visions for Dresden and Europe The future is already here: We are living in the midst of changes taking place in European society and culture that are extremely tangible and affect urgent ecological issues, the transformation of the public sphere and communication in urban communities, and the cultural mobility of people and…

Rähnitzgasse 8 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 14.06.2019

Gudrun Trendafilov – Auf und Ab

Gudrun Trendafilov - Schiefe Bahn 2019

It all starts with the color. Intuitively applied. Followed by the lines - with  delicate stroke „soft - but unerring*. New Drawings by Gudrun Trendafilov are shown in the current exhibition AUF UND AB in the Werkgalerie of the Kreativen Werkstatt Dresden e.V. One is touched by the drawings, like by a poem, which strikes…

Bürgerstraße 50 - 01127 Dresden