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Andreas Garn – Left Eye Flint and other animals

Andreas Garn, aus dem Zyklus „Left Eye Flint…

Vernissage Saturday 2018-06-23 7pm Word Dr. phil. Teresa Ende, Dresden Music Trio Caracol Steffen Petrick, Saxophone Danny Leuschner, Accordeon Jana Strauchmann, Clarinet   About: Andreas Garn 1955 born in Dresden | 1973 Technical diploma as BSMR technician | 1980 Graduate in the painting and drawing school of Frank Panse VBK/GDR | 1980 Working in the…

Rähnitzgasse 13 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 22.07.2018

21st International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts 22...

The International Dresden Summer Academy for Viual Arts was founded by the art association riesa efau in 1998. Since then, more than 3500 participants and lecturers from various countries have been our guests for two annual summer weeks full of artistic workshops and events. In the comparably short time span of 21 years, the Academy…

Von: 12.05.2018

(Deutsch) Ouverture

First group show of the gallery artists: Matthias Bausch, Henri Deparade, Heike Dittrich, Karen Gäbler, Julius Georgi, Lars Kohl, Melanie Kramer, Christian Macketanz, Sophia Schama, Ekkehard Tischendorf  

Kamenzer Str. 19 - 01099 Dresden
Von: 15.06.2018


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Obergraben 10 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 21.06.2018

Vivid – Elizabeth Orr

Elizabeth Orr - MT RUSH

PYLON-Lab proudly presents the solo exhibition „Vivid“ by artist and filmmaker Elizabeth Orr. Opening: June 21st, 2018 from 6pm - 10pm   Elizabeth Orr will present her film „MT RUSH” as a multimedia installation, accompanied by a series of new sculptural works for the exhibition. In the presented works, Orr extends the word vivid to…

Wallgässchen 2 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 21.06.2018

ANGSTLUST. Can you resist the evil of the thriller?

O P E N I N G Thursday, June 21, 16:00-22:00!! Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden is proud to present ‘ANGSTLUST. Can you resist the evil of the thriller?’, by Theo Huber, Magdalena Schön and Kryštof Strejc. The exhibition is curated by Raiko Sánchez and Miriam Schröder. ANGSTLUST is a German term which is…

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